Professional Bridal Bestie Session
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Professional Bridal Bestie Session

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Need someone to keep it real with? A wedding BFF? Let's have a real conversation, no judgment, and practical advice from a wedding expert fairy godmother you need.

- How to manage the many stresses that come with being a Bride; bridesmaids, expectations, family, vendor searches, fiance involvement, etc. You are not alone!

 - Tips on dealing with difficult situations including bridal party and family!

 - Tried-and-true ideas on how to save money and prioritize according to YOUR desires!

 - 100% confidential conversation where you can feel safe being open and vulnerable.

- Expert advice from someone who has been in the event industry for over 15 years!


The Bridal Vent Session

 - (1) 60-minute phone session

 - Access to the portal with checklists, timeline examples, templates, and tools 

 - 30-day email support following the vent session